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Present Indefinite Tense with 1000 Examples

Demystifying the Present Indefinite Tense in Urdu

What Exactly Constitutes the Present Indefinite Tense?

The Present Indefinite Tense, a ubiquitous feature of the English language, finds its application in universal truths, daily routines, occurrences, circumstances, habits, and recurring actions.

Identification: In the realm of Urdu, this tense culminates with the suffixes -ta hai, -ti hai, -te hain, -ta hoon, and others.

Within each tense, there exist five distinct categories of sentences:

  1. Affirmative Sentences
  2. Negative Sentences
  3. Interrogative Sentences
  4. Formal Sentences
  5. Informal Sentences

Now, what defines a sentence?

A sentence, in its essence, consists of words or an assemblage of words that imparts lucid and comprehensive meaning.

So, what are affirmative sentences?

Affirmative sentences, by their very nature, impart positivity and convey statements of truth.

Formula: Subject + Verb (s/es/ies) + Object

For instance:

He ardently engages in cricket. وہ کرکٹ کھیلتا ہے۔

Our feet journey towards Ziarat. ہم زیارت جاتے ہیں۔

How about negative sentences?

Negative sentences, in contrast, serve as vessels for negativity and communicate a contrary stance.

Formula: Subject + Do/Does + not + 1st verb + Object

For example:

He refrains from participating in cricket. وہ کرکٹ نہیں کھیلتا ہے۔

We abstain from visiting Ziarat. ہم زیارت نہیں جاتے ہیں۔

What about interrogative sentences?

Interrogative sentences, as their name implies, serve the purpose of posing questions.

Formula: Do/Does + Subject + 1st verb + Object +?

Does he partake in cricket? کیا وہ کرکٹ کھیلتا ہے؟

Do we embark on journeys to Ziarat? کیا ہم زیارت جاتے ہیں؟

Now, let’s delve into the realm of formal sentences.

Formal sentences are exclusively reserved for interactions with venerable figures such as elders, mentors, and parents.

ادبی فقرے: In matters of decorum, these sentences find their purpose when engaging with one’s elders, esteemed educators, and dear parents.

Formula: Do/Does + Subject + not + 1st verb + Object


Does he abstain from cricket? کیا وہ کرکٹ نہیں کھیلتا ہے؟

Do we not undertake pilgrimages to Ziarat? کیا ہم زیارت نہیں جاتے ہیں؟

And finally, informal sentences.

Informal sentences come into play when interacting with friends, juniors, and those with whom one shares an unreserved camaraderie.

غیر ادبی فقرے: When informality reigns, these sentences are the tool of choice, used with friends, younger counterparts, and those with whom one shares an open rapport.

Formula: Doesn’t/Don’t + Subject + 1st verb + Object +?

For instance:

Doesn’t he indulge in cricket? کیا وہ کرکٹ نہیں کھیلتا ہے؟

Don’t we frequent Ziarat? کیا ہم زیارت نہیں جاتے ہیں؟

Additionally, we have meticulously crafted a compendium of one thousand examples illustrating the Present Indefinite Tense. These exemplars not only serve as a valuable resource for enhancing your grasp of tenses but also prove invaluable when tackling homework assignments, ultimately refining your command of the English language. Within this compendium, we have seamlessly woven together all five sentence types mentioned above.

Embrace the allure of linguistic diversity, avoiding pedestrian vocabulary. Embrace the arcane lexicon of language to infuse your prose with novelty, depth, and distinction.

Present Indefinite Tense Illustrations

Positive Sentence Instances

  1. I infuse sugar into the water.
  2. He inquires about the class from me.
  3. You contort towards the window.
  4. She simmers the milk.
  5. We ascend formidable peaks.
  6. They alter their vehicle.
  7. I summon him to approach.
  8. He snatches the spherical object.
  9. They succumb to maladies.
  10. We acquire currency through diligent toil.
  11. She engages in a conflict with him.
  12. I retrieve my literary tome.
  13. You perceive the resonance of my voice.
  14. They vault from the parapet.
  15. He exterminates the deer.
  16. We attain proficiency in the English language.
  17. We derive amusement from his jest.
  18. The gelato liquefies sans the cooling apparatus.
  19. He genuflects gracefully.
  20. I rap gently upon the entrance.
  21. We harbor affection for our pet parrots.
  22. She unveils the gateway.
  23. They qualify for the CSS certification.
  24. You supplicate for triumph.
  25. I clinch victory in the race.
  26. He dispatches a textual communication to me.
  27. She depresses the miniature doll bell.
  28. They extol your virtues lavishly.
  29. We engage in dialogue with him.
  30. You narrate details about the class.
  31. I review my annotations.
  32. He squanders the precious resource of water.
  33. They employ their automobile.
  34. We exercise our suffrage for entitlements.
  35. I await your arrival.
  36. He berates the students.
  37. We concur with your standpoint.
  38. You authorize the students to partake in recreation.
  39. She annuls the dispatch.
  40. They challenge their adversary.
  41. I illustrate the image.
  42. We suspend the artwork upon the azure wall.
  43. He fastens his footwear.
  44. I make contact with the ground.
  45. She comprehends the query.
  46. He utilizes my mobile device.
  47. He visits the abode of his paternal relative.
  48. He traverses by foot each morning.
  49. He desires to arrange a rendezvous with you.
  50. He cleanses the eating utensils.
  51. He observes the contest.
  52. He adorns his wrist with a timepiece.
  53. He prevails in the contest of speed.
  54. He engages in ceaseless labor.
  55. He inscribes his academic assignments.
  56. She perceives the canine.
  57. She dispatches the correspondence addressed to me.
  58. She polishes the windowpane.
  59. She reclines upon the settee.
  60. She takes aim at the avian creatures.
  61. She presents the accurate response.
  62. She vocalizes a melody.
  63. She omits all prerequisites.
  64. She converses fluently in Spanish and English.
  65. She remains upright for an extended duration.
  66. I maintain distance from pessimistic individuals.
  67. I bring the vehicle to a halt en route.
  68. I engage in aquatic activity with my sibling.
  69. I execute a leap each evening.
  70. I shall converse with you later.
  71. I sample the novel culinary concoctions.
  72. I impart lessons in the Urdu language to my scholars.
  73. I articulate the verity.
  74. I opine that he is engaged in a game.
  75. I hurl the spherical object beyond the confines of the field.
  76. You gaze contemplatively at the instance.
  77. You forfeit your employment.
  78. You fashion delectable cuisine.
  79. You gesture with your hands.
  80. You unlatch the fastening mechanism.
  81. You convey the salt to me.
  82. You authorize the students to partake in arboreal plantation daily.
  83. We partake in a game of hockey during the morning hours.
  84. We discharge a firearm.
  85. We propel the automobile.
  86. We revel in the precipitation.
  87. We mount the equine creature every weekend.
  88. We extend apologies to you.
  89. We purvey books at the retail establishment.
  90. They allot us the numerical identifier.
  91. They embark on an excursion.
  92. They augment their commercial enterprise.
  93. They perceive the resonance of our voices.
  94. They provide assistance to the indigent.
  95. They pelt the mangoes with projectiles.
  96. They press their garments meticulously.
  97. They leap from the aerial conveyance.
  98. They station the volumes upon the tabletop.
  99. He summons by means of a firm rap.
  100. He possesses knowledge of the veracity.
  101. He derives mirth from trivial matters.
  102. He receives instruction in design from the educational institution.
  103. He inadvertently leaves behind his literary work.
  104. He disseminates misinformation regarding ownership.
  105. He hearkens to parental counsel.
  106. He resides in proximity to my dwelling.
  107. He traverses the thoroughfare securely.
  108. He severs the arboreal flora.
  109. He executes his obligations.
  110. He portrays a visual composition.
  111. He consumes frigid water.
  112. He partakes of watermelon and peach.
  113. He concludes the contest.
  114. He succumbs to the earth’s surface.
  115. He devises an innovative methodology.
  116. He expedites the completion of his task.
  117. He kindles the timber.
  118. He pilots the inaugural aircraft.
  119. He adheres to the path of virtue.
  120. He forgets the writing implement.
  121. He reunites with old acquaintances.
  122. He attains the foremost position.
  123. She imparts salt into the culinary preparation.
  124. She poses a plethora of inquiries.
  125. She initiates the contest.
  126. She hails from the emirate of Dubai.
  127. She extinguishes the luminescent candle.
  128. She cooks the strands of dough.
  129. She fractures my eyeglasses.
  130. She effects a transformation in the system.
  131. She incinerates the documents.
  132. She erects a novel eating establishment.
  133. She procures vegetables from the emporium.
  134. She summons law enforcement for assistance.
  135. She evinces concern for her future.
  136. She captures the ethereal insect.
  137. She ascends the formidable K-2 peak.
  138. She arrives punctually at her abode.
  139. She prepares spherical masses of ground meat.
  140. She duplicates my coiffure.
  141. Created with AIPRM Prompt “Human-like Rewriter – V1.6”
  142. Engaging in confrontation is not their forte.
  143. I refrain from sketching the image.
  144. The masterpiece remains unadorned upon the azure wall.
  145. He abstains from fastening his footwear.
  146. I avoid making contact with the earth’s surface.
  147. Her grasp of the inquiry eludes her.
  148. He refrains from the utilization of my cellular device.
  149. His uncle’s abode remains unvisited by him.
  150. His daily morning strolls are a non-existent pursuit.
  151. His eagerness to encounter you remains lacking.
  152. The soiled dishes are not his responsibility.
  153. The televised match eludes his viewership.
  154. The wristwatch remains unadorned on his wrist.
  155. The race’s victor does not bear his name.
  156. The toil of day and night is not his choice.
  157. The completion of homework is a task unfulfilled by him.
  158. The canine creature evades her perception.
  159. The letter’s delivery to my person is incomplete.
  160. The window’s gleam is not her doing.
  161. The sofa remains unseated upon.
  162. The avian creatures elude her projectiles.
  163. The accurate response remains concealed from her.
  164. A melody escapes her vocal cords.
  165. The stipulated requirements are not bypassed by her.
  166. She abstains from the utterance of Spanish or English.
  167. Her physical endurance extends no longer than two hours.
  168. I do not distance myself from pessimistic company.
  169. I refrain from halting the vehicle’s progress en route.
  170. I do not partake in aquatic endeavors alongside my sibling.
  171. No nightly leaps accompany my conversations.
  172. My dialogue with you at a later juncture is unlikely.
  173. The taste of novel culinary concoctions eludes me.
  174. The Urdu language remains unimparted to my pupils.
  175. The truth remains concealed by me.
  176. I do not surmise that he engages in play.
  177. The expulsion of the sphere beyond the play area is not my doing.
  178. Your attention is not directed to the present moment.
  179. Your employment remains secure.
  180. Culinary excellence is not crafted by your hands.
  181. Your hands remain in a state of immobility.
  182. The lock’s aperture remains unopened by you.
  183. The salt shaker remains out of your reach.
  184. The students are not granted permission for recreation.
  185. Tree planting is not a daily ritual.
  186. Morning hours do not witness our participation in hockey.
  187. The firearm’s trigger is left untouched.
  188. The vehicle remains unpropelled.
  189. Our merriment does not coincide with rainfall.
  190. Equestrian pursuits are not a weekend routine.
  191. We do not extend apologies to you.
  192. Book sales are not conducted at our establishment.
  193. The contact details are not divulged to us.
  194. The prospect of a picnic does not beckon them.
  195. Business expansion remains outside the scope of their ambitions.
  196. Our voices remain unheard by them.
  197. Assistance to the less fortunate remains beyond their inclination.
  198. Mangoes are left unharmed by their projectiles.
  199. The pressing of their attire is not prioritized.
  200. Helicopter egress remains unattempted.
  201. The table remains unburdened by volumes.
  202. His knuckles do not rap upon the door.
  203. The veracity of the matter eludes his grasp.
  204. Frivolity does not incite his laughter.
  205. Institutional design education does not engage him.
  206. His tome remains unforsaken.
  207. Veracity in ownership claims is upheld.
  208. Parental counsel is not heeded by him.
  209. My residence lies distant from his abode.
  210. Safe road crossings do not feature in his habits.
  211. The felling of arboreal life remains alien to him.
  212. Task execution remains a foreign concept to him.
  213. Canvas painting does not grace his pastimes.
  214. Chilled water remains unquaffed by him.
  215. Watermelon and peach do not grace his palate.
  216. The game’s culmination remains indefinite.
  217. He does not prostrate himself upon the earth’s surface.
  218. Innovation is not his forte.
  219. Task completion before deadline eludes him.
  220. Wood combustion remains uninitiated by him.
  221. The maiden flight of the aircraft is not overseen by him.
  222. The path of virtue remains untraveled by him.
  223. His marker remains undiscarded.
  224. Reuniting with old acquaintances is not his endeavor.
  225. The pinnacle remains unattained by him.
  226. Salt remains unincorporated into the curry.
  227. Inquiries are not frequently posed by her.
  228. Game initiation does not find its origin in her actions.
  229. Dubai does not constitute her place of origin.
  230. Candle extinguishment does not result from her breath.
  231. Noodle boiling remains outside her repertoire.
  232. The integrity of my eyeglasses remains unscathed.
  233. Systemic change remains absent from her agenda.
  234. File immolation is not within her purview.
  235. The establishment of a novel eatery does not engage her.
  236. Supermarket vegetable procurement is not her routine.
  237. She remains indifferent to the prospects of her future.
  238. She abstains from pursuing the delicate butterfly.
  239. She refrains from ascending the formidable K-2 Mountain.
  240. She consistently fails to return home punctually.
  241. She eschews the preparation of succulent meatballs.
  242. She refrains from emulating my coiffure.
  243. She refrains from tallying her inadvertent errors.
  244. I abstain from facilitating the flow of the juice.
  245. I abstain from succumbing to slumber.
  246. I abstain from reclining.
  247. I abstain from alleviating my burden.
  248. I abstain from fiscal losses.
  249. I abstain from fleeing the confines of the educational institution.
  250. I abstain from conjuring delectable culinary delights.
  251. I abstain from discharging the rent.
  252. I abstain from burnishing my footwear.
  253. I abstain from encountering a theatrical performance.
  254. I remain impervious to your emotional states.
  255. I refrain from genuflecting.
  256. I abstain from contaminating the aqueous element.
  257. I abstain from inhaling the fragrance of this perfume.
  258. I abstain from lamenting the unavailability of confectionery.
  259. I abstain from entreating for the acquisition of an opulent residence.
  260. I abstain from issuing a challenge to engage in combat.
  261. I abstain from acquiescing to your entreaties; kindly desist.
  262. I abstain from scouring the vicinity for misplaced keys.
  263. They abstain from indiscriminate expectoration.
  264. They abstain from disseminating chemical substances.
  265. They abstain from furnishing sustenance to canines.
  266. They abstain from leading the assemblage within my educational cohort.
  267. They abstain from congregating for the purpose of commerce.
  268. They abstain from perusing periodicals on a daily basis.
  269. They abstain from tendering their resignations from their vocations.
  270. They abstain from placating the clientele.
  271. They abstain from vocalizing in the obscurity.
  272. They abstain from quivering in the face of frigidity.
  273. They abstain from amassing stockpiles of grain.
  274. They abstain from conducting evaluations of innovative contrivances.
  275. They abstain from effecting the transmission of knowledge.
  276. They abstain from subjecting transgressors to torment.
  277. They abstain from fomenting discord.
  278. They abstain from striving to attain victory in the contest.
  279. They abstain from relinquishing their seats.
  280. They abstain from endorsing commendable leaders through the electoral process.
  281. We abstain from feigning expertise in skiing.
  282. We abstain from generating reproductions of documents.
  283. We abstain from safeguarding our nation’s borders.
  284. We abstain from disseminating articles on the internet.
  285. We abstain from penalizing malevolent individuals.
  286. We abstain from quarrelling over territorial prerogatives.
  287. We abstain from acknowledging your existence.
  288. We abstain from reinstating the account.
  289. We abstain from mitigating your anxiety.
  290. We abstain from declining the proposition.
  291. We abstain from repudiating the policies.
  292. We abstain from reminiscing about halcyon days.
  293. We abstain from extricating refuse from the thoroughfare.
  294. We abstain from presenting our novel prototype.
  295. You abstain from folding the garments.
  296. You abstain from amassing profits.
  297. You abstain from extending a cordial salutation to me.
  298. You abstain from providing guidance on the subject matter.
  299. You abstain from affixing the picture to the wall.
  300. You abstain from reaping the harvest of rice.
  301. You abstain from enlisting personnel for employment.
  302. You abstain from engaging in the pursuit of tigers.
  303. You abstain from leaving an indelible impression upon the superior.
  304. He refrains from self-improvement endeavors.
  305. He refrains from augmenting his laborious hours.
  306. He refrains from incorporating aqueous elements.
  307. He refrains from imparting information to my person.
  308. He refrains from inspecting the academic institution.
  309. He refrains from conceiving the telephone.
  310. He refrains from extending invitations to our merriment.
  311. He refrains from affiliating with our contingent for the competition.
  312. He refrains from exerting force upon the spherical object in the sport of football.
  313. He refrains from documenting each individual datum.
  314. He refrains from operating the photographic apparatus.
  315. He refrains from assuming ownership of the parcel of land.
  316. He refrains from organizing the foundational structure.
  317. He refrains from extending clemency given the circumstances.
  318. He refrains from passing the collegiate examination.
  319. He refrains from executing tasks in a successive manner.
  320. You abstain from demolishing edifices.
  321. You abstain from vanishing under the veil of night.
  322. You abstain from causing disappointment to him.
  323. You abstain from embarking upon the discovery of uncharted isles.
  324. You abstain from deliberating upon the designated subject matter.
  325. You abstain from submerging yourself in aquatic environments.
  326. You abstain from hauling containers across distances.
  327. You abstain from accruing monetary gains via the World Wide Web.
  328. You abstain from engaging the services of scholarly scholars.
  329. You abstain from participating in convened assemblies.
  330. You abstain from eluding the purview of law enforcement.
  331. You abstain from issuing daily pleas of forgiveness.
  332. You abstain from imputing blame to her person.
  333. You abstain from interring the hatchet.
  334. You abstain from instigating labor among the populace.
  335. You abstain from asserting your superiority.
  336. You abstain from establishing electrical connections.
  337. You abstain from compressing the curvature.
  338. You abstain from deceiving individuals of unwavering integrity.
  339. You abstain from vanquishing your adversaries.
  340. They abstain from castigating her for unsavory victuals.
  341. They abstain from according endorsement to our documentation.
  342. They abstain from expressing admiration for our endeavor.
  343. They abstain from concurring with your assertions.
  344. They abstain from providing responses to our inquiries.
  345. They abstain from apprehending the malefactor.
  346. They abstain from baking confections for the confectionery.
  347. They abstain from assuming the demeanor of a medical practitioner.
  348. They abstain from placing faith in veracity.
  349. We abstain from contravening established regulations.
  350. We abstain from indulging in coffee at the dining establishment.
  351. We abstain from disbursing monies for benevolent contributions.
  352. We abstain from comprehending your cogitations.
  353. We abstain from sprinting with great alacrity.
  354. We abstain from setting the wheel in motion.

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