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WH Question Words with Examples and Meanings

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“In the realm of inquiring minds, the realm of WH Question Words takes center stage. In the tapestry of the English language, these enigmatic WH Question Words weave a fabric that allows one to delve into the realms of individuals, objects, quantities, qualities, and numerical intricacies with ease. Below, we present a compendium of WH Question Words, elucidating their Urdu equivalents, providing succinct definitions, elucidating their manifold applications, and offering illustrative examples.

WH Words and Their Urdu Equivalents

  1. How – کیسے
  2. What – کیا
  3. When – کب
  4. Which – کونسا
  5. Where – کہاں
  6. Who – کون
  7. Why – کیوں
  8. Whose – کس کا

One ought to commit these WH words to memory, for they serve as indispensable tools in the linguistic arsenal of the English language.

Furthermore, let us not overlook these phrases that carry a measure of rarity and uniqueness:

  1. How much – کتنا (pertaining to immeasurable entities)
  2. How many – کتنا (pertaining to countable entities)
  3. By whom – کس کے ذریعے
  4. How old – (pertaining to age)
  5. How good – کتنا اچھا
  6. Whenever – جب کبھی
  7. Whoever – جو کوئی بھی
  8. Wherever – جہاں کہی بھی
  9. However – جیسے بھی
  10. Whichever – جونسا بھی
  11. Since when – کب سے
  12. For what – کس لئے
  13. For whom – کس کے لئے
  14. How soon – کتنی جلدی
  15. What else – اور کیا
  16. How beautiful – کتنی خوبصورت
  17. How nice – کتنا اچھا
  18. What kind of – کس طرح کا
  19. Whensoever – جب کبھی بھی
  20. How come – کس طرح ، کیسے
  21. Whereas – جب کہ
  22. How far – کتنا دور
  23. How often – کتنی مرتبہ
  24. At what time – کس وقت
  25. With whom – کس کے ساتھ

Let’s explore the utility of one of these WH words in greater depth. Take, for instance, ‘How’ – کیسے in Urdu. This versatile word serves as a beacon, guiding us through the labyrinth of inquiries into the manner, rationale, or quality of various phenomena.

Words commencing with ‘How’:

  1. How much – کتنا (quantitative)
  2. How many – کتنا (countable)
  3. How far – کتنا دور
  4. How old – کتنا بڑا یا پرانا
  5. How nice – کتنا اچھا
  6. However – کسی طرح
  7. How deep – کتنا گہرا
  8. How soon – کتنی جلدی
  9. How long – کب سے
  10. How good – کتنا اچھا

Illustrative Examples of ‘How’ – کیسے in Urdu:

  • How is Akram? اکرم کیسا ہے؟
  • How far is Karachi? کراچی کتنی دور ہے؟
  • How deep is the river? دریا کتنا گہرا ہے؟
  • How many toys are there? کتنے کھلونے ہیں؟
  • How old is the building? تعمیر کتنا پرانا ہے؟
  • How often do you go there? آپ کتنے عرصے بعد وہاں جاتے ہیں؟
  • How is your health? آپ کی صحت کیسی ہے؟

Moving on to ‘What’ – کیا in Urdu, this word takes center stage in queries that seek to unveil the essence of something.

Words related to ‘What’ with Urdu Meanings:

  • What kind of – کس قسم کے
  • What else – اور کیا
  • What type of – کس طرح کا
  • Whatever – جو بھی ہو
  • What for – کس لئے
  • What way – کس طرح سے
  • What so ever – جو کچھ بھی ہو
  • What then – پھر کیا
  • At what time – کس وقت

Examples of ‘What’ – کیا in Urdu:

  • What is your father’s name? آپ کے والد کا کیا نام ہے؟
  • What do you do? آپ کیا کرتے ہیں

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