Unlocking the Magic Box: A Treasure Adventure

Hadi lay ensconced in his bed when his sister Wasila came, her voice tinged with urgency. “Hadi ,” she announced, “a phone call from Karachi. It’s Bashir on the line.” Swiftly, Hadi roused himself and embarked on his journey to the telephone. Bashir, his cousin, awaited his response. Amir, Hadi ‘s uncle, dwelled in the bustling city of Karachi, his vocation as a forest officer demanding his presence.

With the receiver now in his grasp, Hadi greeted Bashir with, “Hello, Bashir. It is indeed you? Why has it been so long?”

Bashir, his voice carrying hints of a life filled with activity, replied, “Time has eluded me. My apologies for not contacting you earlier. How about a visit during the upcoming summer vacation? We could embark on an adventure together.” Hadi , enthusiasm radiating from his words, promised, “I pledge to spend my summer vacation with you.”

Having concluded the call, he shared the news of Bashir’s invitation with his parents, who readily granted their permission for his Karachi sojourn during the impending summer hiatus.

Anticipation welled within him as he eagerly counted down the days until summer vacation. On a fateful day, he attended school, where the teacher proclaimed, “Dear students, the summer recess has arrived. Please ensure your studies continue at home. We shall reconvene in August.” Hadi ‘s heart danced with joy. He hastened home, approaching his father with a hopeful plea, “Abba jee, the holidays are upon us. May I visit Uncle Ehsan?” His father, knowing the excitement in his son’s eyes, responded, “Just hold on for two days. Your uncle is en route to Quetta. You can accompany him.” Hadi swiftly retreated to his room, brimming with excitement as he packed his belongings, the promise of camping kindling his imagination ever since Bashir had proposed the adventure.

Two days later, Uncle Ehsan descended upon Quetta, his visit, though fleeting, a part of an official obligation. Hadi , primed and ready, embarked on the journey to Karachi, courtesy of his uncle’s car.

Their path wound along the motorway, and after four hours, the sprawling metropolis of Karachi unfurled before them. Reuniting with Bashir filled Hadi ‘s heart with elation.

Nights were spent in Bashir’s room, weaving dreams of the impending camping expedition. As dawn broke, Bashir inquired at the breakfast table, “Father, when shall we venture into the forest?” His father responded, “Tomorrow.” The boys’ excitement reached its peak. The prospect of two days camping in an uncharted wilderness beckoned, promising unique experiences.

The next day, Uncle Ehsan ferried them in his jeep to a forest near Islamabad. The journey commenced at 10 o’clock in the morning, with the forest’s verdant beauty captivating the boys as they ventured deeper into its heart. Near a babbling stream, Mr. Ehsan chose to establish their camp.

Tents were pitched, and essential provisions were arranged. Their campsite was equipped with a functional stove, from which Uncle Ehsan conjured aromatic coffee. The boys, brimming with curiosity, ventured off to explore the forest, reaching the opposite side of the stream, where the remnants of a grand mansion stood in ruin. Returning to camp, they apprised Uncle Ehsan of their discovery. He elucidated, “I recognize this place. It is the vestige of a Haveli once occupied by a Nawab with an insatiable passion for hunting. After his demise, the mansion languished in solitude for nearly a century, succumbing to time’s relentless march. Some of its roofs have already succumbed to the ravages of time.” Hadi inquired eagerly, “May we explore the mansion, Uncle?” “Certainly, but first, let us partake in a meal,” Uncle Ehsan replied.

The boys continued their exploration of the forest in the company of Uncle Ehsan, eventually returning to their camp as the evening sun cast long shadows. That night, they rested beneath the canvas of their tents.

The following day, after breakfast, the boys set out for the mansion. Arriving at its imposing gates, they discovered them ajar, inviting their entry. As they crossed the threshold, the mansion’s interior revealed itself, a labyrinth of rooms and corridors. Methodically, they combed through each room before ascending the grand staircase. Time had not been kind; portions of the roof had crumbled away. A round handle beckoned their curiosity. Turning it yielded a cacophonous eruption, a section of the wall crumbling to unveil a hidden treasure—a small wooden chest. Retrieving the chest, they returned to their campsite, where Uncle Ehsan skillfully unlocked its secrets, revealing a trove of precious jewels and gems.

He turned toHadi and declared, “You, my young friend, have unearthed a treasure.”

Their hearts rejoiced at their newfound wealth as they headed back to the city that evening, pondering how their parents would react upon learning of their astonishing discovery.

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